What if we told you we have the solution to getting all the benefits of an in-person convention without ever having to leave your house?

That means: 

  • No saving up for a plane ticket or finding the perfect roommate.
  • No scrambling for child-care because you just can’t ask that family member again.
  • No worrying about how you are going to make it work, on top of the other 40 trillion things you have to figure out in a day.
  • No putting on pants. Stupid leg prisons.

“UNconvention is like an all-inclusive business resource ... there is nothing left untapped. No matter who you are, UNconvention will encourage you, motivate you, open your eyes and give you the basics to make this business work for you." - Emily S.

Ready to Grow Your Business?


    Register for access to more than fifty content-rich workshops and membership to the private UNConvention Facebook group.


    Commit to watching one new video each week. Each lesson is less than 30 minutes, leaving you with time for the other parts of your business.


    After watching each video, join us in the UNconvention group to discuss how to take the things you've learned and actually implement them.


What You'll Learn


    Learn how to make yourself a better leader and how to build leaders in your organization from speakers such as Diamond leader, Janell Vonigas


    Figure out what you're good at and build skills in areas where you lack with hands-on workshops from speakers like Kelsey Humphreys, creator of The Pursuit


    Learn how to overcome what's standing in your way to success from speakers like Casey Wiegand, lifestyle blogger and Royal Crown Diamond


    Find out how to optimize your time online through social media training and understanding from speakers like Lindsay Teague Moreno, author of Getting Noticed


    Learn to use the technology available to you in a way that benefits your business with lessons from leaders like Melissa Koehler, professional photographer and Royal Crown Diamond


    Learn the skills to handle the finances in your business and make the most return on investment from speakers like Troie Battles, Owner of Life Science Publishing

Included Workshops

  • 1


    • Introduction

    • UNConvention Online - Guide and Workbook

  • 2

    The Twelve Philosophies | Part One

    • Introduction

    • Introduction to the 12 Philosophies of a Successful Business

  • 3

    The Twelve Philosophies | Part Two

    • Introduction

    • The Twelve Philosophies | 1-3

  • 4

    The Twelve Philosophies | Part Three

    • Introduction

    • 12 Philosophies of a Successful Business | 4-6

  • 5

    The Twelve Philosophies | Part Four

    • Introduction

    • 12 Philosophies of a Successful Business | 7-8

  • 6

    The Twelve Philosophies | Part Five

    • Introduction

    • 12 Philosophies of a Successful Business | 9-10

  • 7

    The Twelve Philosophies | Part Six

    • Introduction

    • 12 Philosophies of a Successful Business | 11-12

  • 8

    Destroying Goals with Grit

    • Introduction

    • Destroying Goals with Grit

    • The Goals Worksheet

  • 9

    Biz Basics

    • Introduction

    • Biz Basics

  • 10

    Essential Rewards

    • Introduction

    • Essential Rewards

  • 11

    Napkin Math

    • Introduction

    • Napkin Math

  • 12

    Back to Business Basics

    • Introduction

    • Back to Business Basics

  • 13

    The Art of the Ask

    • Introduction

    • The Art of the Ask

  • 14

    Coffee is for Closers

    • Introduction

    • Coffee is for Closers

  • 15

    Get Chatty

    • Introduction

    • Get Chatty

  • 16

    Get Classy

    • Introduction

    • Get Classy

  • 17

    Get Classy | Part Two

    • Introduction

    • Get Classy | Part Two

  • 18

    Lead to Succeed

    • Introduction

    • Lead to Succeed

  • 19

    Defining Your Lane

    • Introduction

    • Defining Your Lane

  • 20

    Elevator Pitch

    • Introduction

    • Elevator Pitch

  • 21

    Simplify Your Biz

    • Introduction

    • Simplify Your Biz

  • 22

    Defining Your Passion

    • Introduction

    • Defining Your Passion

    • Brand of Me Worksheet

    • Passion Finder Worksheet

  • 23

    Defining Your Skills

    • Introduction

    • Defining Your Skills

    • The Skills Worksheet

  • 24

    Hustling Through Roadblocks

    • Introduction

    • Hustling Through Roadblocks

  • 25

    Picture Perfect

    • Introduction

    • Picture Perfect

  • 26

    Photoshop Basics

    • Introduction

    • Photoshop Basics

  • 27

    How To Do All The Things.... While Working your Business.

    • Introduction

    • How To Do All The Things.... While Working your Business.

  • 28

    High Energy Leadership

    • Introduction

    • High Energy Leadership

  • 29

    Building Your Own Tribe

    • Introduction

    • Building Your Own Tribe

  • 30

    What To Do When You Are Stuck?

    • Introduction

    • What To Do When You Are Stuck?

  • 31

    Videos: Do It

    • Introduction

    • Videos: Do It

  • 32

    Think Outside The Box

    • Introduction

    • Think Outside The Box

  • 33

    Write For Sales

    • Introduction

    • Write For Sales

  • 34

    Emotional Intelligence: Motivation

    • Introduction

    • Emotional Intelligence: Motivation

  • 35

    Emotional Intelligence: Social Awareness

    • Introduction

    • Emotional Intelligence: Social Awareness

  • 36

    Emotional Intelligence: Empathy

    • Introduction

    • Emotional Intelligence: Empathy

  • 37

    Introduction to the Enneagram

    • Introduction

    • Introduction to the Enneagram

  • 38

    The Enneagram | 1-3

    • Introduction

    • The Enneagram | 1-3

  • 39

    The Enneagram | 4-6

    • Introduction

    • The Enneagram 4-6

  • 40

    The Enneagram | 7-9

    • Introduction

    • The Enneagram | 7-9

  • 41

    The Power of Intention and Execution

    • Introduction

    • The Power of Intention and Execution

  • 42

    Why Should Customers Buy From You?

    • Introduction

    • Why Should Customers Buy From You?

  • 43

    Managing Your Time

    • Introduction

    • Managing Your Time

  • 44

    Prioritize Your Day

    • Introduction

    • Prioritize Your Day

  • 45

    Work + Marriage

    • Introduction

    • Work + Marriage

  • 46

    Building Strong Leaders

    • Introduction

    • Building Strong Leaders

  • 47

    You Got This!

    • Introduction

    • You Got This!

  • 48

    How To Get People To Like You

    • Introduction

    • How To Get People To Like You

  • 49

    Get Paid 101

    • Introduction

    • Get Paid 101

  • 50

    Get Paid 201

    • Introduction

    • Get Paid 201

  • 51

    Get Paid 301

    • Introduction

    • Get Paid 301

  • 52

    Conflict Resolution

    • Introduction

    • Conflict Resolution

  • 53

    Maintaining Momentum

    • Introduction

    • Maintaining Momentum

  • 54

    Desired New Reality

    • Introduction

    • Desired New Reality

    • The Desired New Reality Worksheet

  • 55

    Customer Service

    • Introduction

    • Customer Service

  • 56

    Getting Noticed

    • Introduction

    • Getting Noticed

  • 57

    Creating Content That Gets Noticed

    • Introduction

    • Creating Content That Gets Noticed

Are you ready to take your business to the next level in 2018?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is UNConvention Online?

    UNconvention Online is the web-based training system that is sure to take your small business to the next level! Born out of our wildly successful live events, we are finally bringing our training to the web. We’ve packed the website with so much amazing content so we hope you are ready to get your learn on.

    Created by Lindsay Teague Moreno, UN Online is a place for you, as a Young Living entrepreneur, to learn how to grow your business in a totally different and better way, so you can spend your time on the people, things, and experiences that matter most. Frustrated with investing time and money into online workshops only to walk away with little more than a few motivational quotes, Lindsay vowed to create a platform that delivered useful, real, and actionable content. As a mom of 3 littles she is in the trenches and focused on delivering the most valuable content you’ll find for your time and money.

    We promise that UNconvention Online isn’t just business as usual; welcome to business UNusual.

  • How quickly will I get access after signing up?

    Instantly! Once you have registered and paid you will receive an email with log-in information.

    In addition to your membership you will receive access to a private Facebook group filled with other UN Online members so that you can ask questions and discuss the workshops. Check your email for an invite to the group within a few days of your registration.

  • How will the workshops be presented?

    Most of this year's workshops will be available for you to work through at our own pace immediately after gaining access to UNConvention, though some workshops - such as the quarterly Q&A - will become available at a later date. The content is available for you to watch at your leisure for a calendar year from the date of your registration.Address common questions ahead of time to save yourself an email.

  • How long will I be able to access the workshops?

    You will have access for one year from your sign-up date. Since UNOnline gives 24-hour access we suggest scheduling time to complete the workshops before this access has ended.

  • What is the refund policy?

    Due to the nature of this content, we are unable to honor any requests for returns, exchanges, or transfers. Please carefully select the workshop you would like to attend as we will not be issuing any refunds after the purchase transaction has been completed. We hope you understand that this policy is intended to help protect your investment, the valuable time of our workshop leaders, and our proprietary content.

  • What if I have more questions?

    Please email events@lemondroppers.com with any further questions.